Hi, I am Michael

Hello everybody. I’m Michael Borgelt. Below is a bit about what I have going on professionally these days.

51Blocks – is a digital marketing agency that has been around since 2009. We believe in showing the true value of digital marketing. We do not just report on rankings, traffic and leads. We go on step further and with our custom reporting solution that shows return on investment, return on ad spend and lifetime value of a customer. Year over year we have proven growth of 30-50% for our clients on average. One client has gone from $100k to $2.1m with our work. We have a great team lead by Brittany and there are big things ahead.

Integrity Fire Safety Services – is a fire life safety company located here in Denver serving the front range. This company is employee owned with 12 founding members. Eric Williams is our fearless leader and what he and this group of people have done in the first couple of years is nothing short of amazing. I am excited to see what is in the future for us.

Realtor/Developer – My wife and I have been in the Denver real estate market for a while now. We have bought and sold a number of homes, ran an AirBnB for a while, built a custom home and currently have a few other projects going on. I am constantly on the MLS looking at listings and know the Denver real estate market very well. I do have my real estate license and am actively working as a realtor. My approach is completely different that 99% of agents. For buyers, I give 50% of the fees I am paid from the seller backed to my clients (unless your lender does not allow it). When selling your house, I do this for less than $5k. The experience is completely different as well. More information about my process is located here.